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Theatre Technicians

The set up of the event is as important as the show itself. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team are ensuring everything is in place to avoid any possible interference. This ranges from staging to backdrops to testing. A whole days work has already happened before anyone steps out to perform.


  • Set Building
  • Rigging Lights
  • Rigging Sound (flying)
  • Testing/Problem solving for lighting and sound
  • Tech rehearsals
  • Dress rehearsals
  • Running shows

Sound Engineer

The Sound Engineer is experienced in all aspects of audio to create the required sound ambiance for the specific production. It is a skill to balance and control the sound for the venue/audience/type of music.


  • Mic up band/orchestra/speaker
  • Fit and sound check radio mics
  • Program cues into mixing desk and cue lab
  • Make up scripts for cues and visual

Lighting Engineer

Multi-skilled Audio-Visual

The Lighting Engineer creates the mood, the subtlety within a theatre show and the excitement of an all singing (lighting) music event. Programming these shows takes an expert eye and fine detail, the correct equipment and technical experience to create imaginative visuals.


  • Rigging of light
  • Patching of lights
  • Programming Lighting Desk
  • Design lighting/taking notes from designer
  • Focusing of lights (at height)
  • Writing lighting cues and timings on script or DSM

In addition to the above skills, we offer the following as a complete Production Management package:


  • Working with event facilitators to create power point slides
  • Where necessary, reformatting of issued slides to fit screens
  • Installing camera feeds to vision mixer/switcher/projectors/screens

We know it is important in the modern age to keep in touch with the wider world, with this in mind, we can stream live events to the internet/facebook/worldwide offices.

Live video streaming

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